Quick, simple, and free acts of goodwill for those with an incessant willingness to do good.

Today I was appreciative.

Today I was appreciative.

Good·will·ing·ness = Appreciation.

Yesterday my business received a boost. While it was unexpected, it was certainly welcome. Finally, it felt as if my hard work and efforts were paying off.

Today my business performed better than it did two days ago, two weeks ago, and two months ago even, yet it performed worse than it did yesterday. Although I could have wallowed in disappointment over my stunted entrepreneurial progress according to the last twenty-four hours, I chose not to compare today’s hiccup to yesterday’s success. I didn’t think about what I was missing. Instead, I thought about everything that I have, including each and every sale I am grateful to make. By choosing not to emphasize loss, I could better see my business’s potential, and everything I stand to gain.

Today I am optimistic about tomorrow, because without comparison, I cannot fear its outcome; tomorrow will be neither worse nor better than today, it will just be. And, it will be appreciated; with appreciation for what we have, we can never go without.