Quick, simple, and free acts of goodwill for those with an incessant willingness to do good.

Today I said thank you.

Today I said thank you.

Good·will·ing·ness = Gratitude.

Today I thanked a loved one from the bottom of my heart. And, not with a typical “hey, thanks for doing that” remark, but rather with an honest and heartfelt expression of gratitude. There was eye contact, exchanges of emotion, and vulnerability–everything that my somewhat static and often times controlling being typically fights. And, each was necessary to get my point across. How could I expect to genuinely express how grateful I was to have received the gift of support that I did without baring at least a sliver of the need I sought help fulfilling in the first place? Through gratitude, we allow our heart to say:

“I am now good, because you were great.”

Today I will fall asleep a better person than the person I woke up as because of an act of kindness demonstrated by another.